How to Acquire a License for Your Construction Company?

In order to acquire a construction company license from the government, first, you have to register a company in the Ministry of Commerce and get the registration number, Certificate of Incorporation, Business Extract, and Articles of Incorporation thereafter.

After completing the whole process at the Ministry of Commerce, you have to simultaneously apply for a construction company license at the Ministry of Land, Urban Planning, and Construction and a tax registration at the General Department of Taxation.

Construction Company License is different from Construction Permit. Construction Permit is one-at-a-time request for permission to the government to start a specific construction project, while Construction Company License is a certification that your company is eligible and capable to run a construction company.

Bylaw, there are three levels of construction company license: Level 1 (Small); Level 2 (Medium); and Level 3 (Large). For each level, the license application fees, requirements, rights, and timelines are all different.

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