Change Address

What does the “address” refer to? Head office’s address? Your factory address? Branches’ Address? There are so many addresses, aren’t there? However, what we mean here is the address of the company’s head office or branches written in the company’s articles of incorporation and registered under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We do not refer to the address which was not written in the AoI.

Companies do  not change their address frequently, and if they do, there must be some reasons. Some companies change their registered address because their business has grown rapidly in just a short period of time which requires a better location or a wider space for operation. Some do so as the office rental contract expires or the property owner terminated the contract. At the worse scenario, some companies move to the other location because the current location does not fit their business operation, or because their business does not run smoothly.

Are you among those who are changing your company’s registered address? Do you know what the obligation are, under the laws and regulations of the Kingdom when you change your registered address?

Article 3 of the Law on Commercial Enterprise of the Kingdom stipulates that “A partnership or company shall file with the Registrar any changes to the registered office or registered agent within fifteen (15) official business days after the change takes effect.” Therefore, any changes to the company’s registered address must be reported to the government agency, otherwise result in fine and penalties.

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