GSP Certificate

GSP is a an abbreviation of the well-know Generalized System of Preferences through which factories situated in the Least Developed Countries are entitled to such export benefit as low import taxes in the Developed and Developing Countries’ market.

GSP Certificate is a certification document requested to Cambodian Government Ministry by the factories to prove that their factories in Cambodia deserve special export preferences such as import tax exemption and  other commercial treatments.

GSP certification is a long process by which the government authorities verify the information provided by the factories with the actual practices in their production processes and export procedures. If the government authorities find that the factories mislead or falsify the information, the factories will be responsible for various form of penalties and be disqualified to export their products under the GSP scheme.

In order to obtain the GSP Certificate from the government, the factories are first required to register their business as an investment company and get license from the commercial registrar and the tax certificate from the Tax Office.

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