Welcome to CAMBIZIAN!

CAMBIZIAN is an professional, experienced business consultant, having helped facilitate both domestic and foreign investors in Cambodia in legal affairs and business-related issues since 2013. If you have difficulties in your business startups and operation, cannot make the best for your business, or need someone to talk with, and to move ahead toward a successful investment, CAMBIZIAN is your only choice.

CAMBIZIAN provides businessperson with experienced and excellent services at reasonable fees and comfortable discussion environment. We provide the most cutting-edge information updates, business and legal concepts, friendly discussion about your problems, and the timeliest response to your issues.

Our services include new business registration, notification of company’s information amendment, application for VAT and business Patent, work permit request, application for business-related licenses, accounting and taxation (monthly and year-end), application for land title, logistics, and tourism.

Up to date, we have provided legal consultation to more than 1200 companies from at least 130 industries, involving with 1390 legal cases, regardless of business sizes and nationalities, throughout the country.

CAMBIZIAN Team has provided corporate consultation service to several companies from different industries, to name a few, Cambodia Angkor Air, Rouy Infinity, branch of Amazon Cafe, Norton University, SOMA Group, Cellcard Finance, Institute of Finance and Accounting (IFA), Lavigo Furniture, Willton Building Trade, DKNK Distribution, EURIZIA France, EURIZIA Cambodia, HN Cooperative Business Alliance, LBN Group, A.B.S.D Construction, Khmum Technology, Advoyer, SpaciaNet, AirXpress, Botica, Jeoun Leoun Plastic Card (Cambodia), Borey Long Ny City, IdeaPlus, CamUpJob (T.A.G Job Center), Shana Para Tourism, Dariya Travel, and AED Angkor Credit, as well as the personal consultation service to individual clients.

We are delighted that they enjoy our services, thanks to the trust we made and the flawless coordination we provided.

CAMBIZIAN is a team of graduates from abroad in a wide range of industries. We are passionate and committed to providing the best business consultation and advisory services ever to our clients. We aim at being a focal point where businessperson and investors are connected to be a mutually growing ecosystem.

CAMBIZIAN’s team, from the CEO to the bottom-line staff, are all friendly, easy to talk with, reliable, truth-worthy, and welcoming. Our mission is nothing but to serve our best to our customers while expecting for trust and confidence between us and our clients.

Located right in the heart of the city, businessperson and investors can approach us easily for just 5-10 minutes from your office.

We are looking forward to seeing your presence at our office and to solving all your business challenges.

Thank you very much!

CAMBIZIAN’s office is located in The Olympia City, the Top-grade Professional Service Tower for High Class Business Professionals