Change Shareholders

Acquiring new members to your company is an option to expand your business operation. New members bring to the company more inputs, such as technology, know-how, financial supports, management capacity, networks and potential clients, and this is a way to contribute to the company’s growth. In order to legalize the acquisition of new shareholders to the company, Cambodia’s laws requires that the company file the Resolution on New Member Acquisition to the relevant government authorities.

Likewise, withdrawing a shareholder from a company also requires a proper filing of a new set of legal documents at the Ministry of Commerce. The only difference between the two cases is that withdrawing a shareholder requires the withdrawn shareholder to show up at the Ministry of Commerce for face-to-face interview and confirmation with the government officials of giving up shares.

CAMBIZIAN Consultant is please to welcome entrepreneurs and business owners who have difficulties with the filing procedures in the government Ministries. As an expert in this field, we consider your time as your gold and money, and therefore we help you to proceed the documents and  save your time and money.

Consultancy Fee at CAMBIZIAN:

CAMBIZIAN provides free-of-charge consultancy services to our customers. However, customers are requested to deposit a minimal amount of fee for administrative process, and this amount of fee will be returned upon service consumption.


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