Special Tax Incentives (QIP)

Investing in Cambodia is different from other countries in that investors are treated in a better way in Cambodia than other countries. Under the Qualified Investment Project (QIP) program, if the investment projects are properly requested to the government agency, fulfilling the terms and conditions required by laws and regulations, those projects shall be granted with special tax treatments. With the approval from the government agency, according to Investment Law, a majority of imported raw material required for the investment project shall enjoy duty free importation.

Notwithstanding, documentation and costs for application for such incentives are counterbalances for investor to take into consideration: whether the incentives worth more than cost or not. In general, if the investment project worth millions of dollars, requesting for QIP is highly recommended.

CAMBIZIAN Consulting provides consulting services for investors in terms of documentation, timing, and cost deduction. Charging a reasonable and competitive fee, we would deal with the issues arise before, during, and after the application for QIP. Investors would not waste much their time and resource to deal with the government officers and complexity in documentation.

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CAMBIZIAN provides free-of-charge consultancy services to our customers. However, customers are requested to deposit a minimal amount of fee for administrative process, and this amount of fee will be returned upon service consumption.


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