Tax Dispute Resolution

CAMBIZIAN Team has played roles as the coordinator, negotiator, agent, and representative for several companies for tax dispute resolutions with Tax Branches and General Department of Taxation (GDT).

Tax disputes usually result from the outcomes of external audition by Tax Department’s or GDT’s auditors (Desk Audition, Limited Audition, and Comprehensive Audition). They may find some accounting reports, tax payment and reports, and financial transactions not compliant with the tax rules and regulation.

Through our combination of knowledge, expertise, and skills of taxation, accounting, and laws, we can deal with all the issues concerning taxation and audition. We have steadily gained trust from our clients, and each and every of them have been satisfied with the results.

In addition to the fruitful results, we understand that client’s confidentiality is our most priority in conducting a consulting business. Clients do not have to worry about leaking their internal, confidential information to the public by exposing them to CAMBIZIAN.