Making Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation, also called ‘Statute’ or ‘Memorandum of Association,’ is one of the company’s key documents within which terms and conditions of company’s existence are written therein. The information includes, but not limited to, company’s registered name, capital, entity form of association, business scopes, address, shareholders, board of directors, share categories and distribution, and the processes of board of director’s resolution. Statute shall be filed properly the the Registrar (Ministry of Commerce), be it a new Statute of the amended version. In the case of amendment, company shall notify and file the new version of Statute within 15 business days at the Ministry of Commerce. Any delay later than 15 working days shall result in penalties and legality complexity. In Cambodia, only Khmer version of Statute is officially recognized by the government, and the version in other languages may be unofficially translated for internal uses only.

CAMBIZIAN Consultant provides a comprehensive discussion with business owners and investors on how to prepare and amend an Articles of Association to ensure a gradual compliance with laws, rules, and regulations of the Kingdom.