Business Startup Consultation

CAMBIZIAN Team not only deals with paper works (document processing) but also provides a comprehensive business consultation service, before you decide to set up a new company.

Doing so is to ensure that you start a business on the right track and that you will not face any negative consequences, especially with taxation and legal issues, after your business is registered.

Our consultation on business startup involves with a variety of discussion between our experts and business owners on how to start a business properly.

The key elements in our discussion is centered around the strategic solutions to business licensing and registration, business scope, selecting a legal entry forms, tax registration and preparation, accounting system, employment legality, immigration, intellectual properties, property leasing, custom system, export procedure (for export companies), marketing and sale master plan, and so on.

Depending on what businesses you are going to start, we will customize and provide a one-stop solutions to clients and make their time more efficient, based on their business contexts.

A group of Chinese investors visited our office and used our business consultation services. They would like to invest in Cambodia.