Mining License

CAMBIZIAN Team welcomes all investors and businessperson to our office to discuss further details about their business plans and projects related to mining licensing.

Application to request for mining licenses from Cambodian government is not as easy as other license, since this involves with so much works to do. Government’s ministry in-charge shall know well the business and the business has to build trust and prove that their business is satisfactorily compliant with laws, rules and regulations. Site inspection shall be conducted, business proposal submitted, land survey reports reviewed, company’s sound profile acknowledged, and so on.

Mining activities cover several aspects of businesses. Extraction of precious gemstones, iron ore, manganese ore, petroleum exploration, copper, gold, zinc, etc. Any businesses involving with mining activities in Cambodia requires licensing from the government.

Cambodian Minister for Mines and Energy Suy Sem, speaking at a 2011 mining forum. Courtesy CAMCF.