Property Title Registration

Property Title Registration is one of the most used services by our clients who have struggled with the legal procedures.

Not only local residences but also foreigners who owns real estates in Cambodia have come to us and have explained their difficulties concerning documentation, legal procedures, and overcharging fees by some agencies and consulting companies. Throughout our hand-in-hand cooperative consultation, they have released all their concerns and successfully started their business in a way that comply to laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Why do you have to apply for property title? Unlike many developed countries, the land ownership in Cambodia is not fully designated to the residence due to the level of administrative development in the country. Many real estates do not belong to anybody at all, whilst some belongs to some residence without a state recognition. Some residences own the properties with a registration paper at the local level, called “Soft Title,” at which the problems have taken place. In order to secure your ownership, you shall register for the “Hard Title” registration paper which is recognized at the national level.

Filings both hard and soft tittle require a comprehension of the legal procedures and documentation with which a high proportion of the property owners are not familiar. This is the reason why we founded the CAMBIZIAN Consultant with a clear vision to help facilitate investors with legal procedures and documentation.

Are you owning some real estates in Cambodia? Have you legalized your ownership? Let’s talk to us now!

Consultancy Fee at CAMBIZIAN:

CAMBIZIAN provides free-of-charge consultancy services to our customers. However, customers are requested to deposit a minimal amount of fee for administrative process, and this amount of fee will be returned upon service consumption.


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