Business Name Reservation

Your business shall comes with a unique name the meaning of which is subjective to the your preference and mindset. 

Are you looking for a name for your business? Would you think that choosing a name is easy? Yes, it is easy in business perspective, but when it comes to legal perspective, this is not that easy.

Referring to the Law on Commercial Enterprise, a business’s name shall not be confusingly similar to another previously registered name or contrary to public order, vulgar, scandalous or otherwise inappropriate. Therefore, your business name must be unique and meaningful.

In addition to the uniqueness and meaningfulness, your business name is very important for branding and reputation. Someone unknown might imitate or use your business name illegally or inappropriately to commit commercial crimes or wrongdoings. Unless the name is protected under the effective laws and regulations, you can do nothing with this. Therefore, CAMBIZIAN Consulting strongly recommend you to reserve and register your business name at the secretariat of the related government agency so as to protect your legal rights on using the name.

How can you choose a name which is unique and meaningful? How can you reserve and register your business name? There are some special techniques to do this, and only those who have experience can do it properly and time-saving. CAMBIZIAN Consulting has a yearlong experience choosing names for businesspersons and investors. Please talk to us now!

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