Cosmetics/Food Product Registration

Cosmetics and food import to Cambodian market has been a great success for many investors and businessperson. Unfortunately, some have still been a failure because of several reasons: market segmentation, product quality, aggressive competition, operation fraud and errors, legal issues, and government procedures.

With respect to legal and government procedures, a company importing cosmetics and food products should carefully follow the right steps in order to avoid any possible interruption in their business.

To be eligible, an individual should register a company at the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) to acquire a business license from the registrar. The documents you receive from MoC include Certificate of Incorporation, Business Extract, Articles of Incorporation (Statute), Company’s stamp, along with ID and Password to login to MoC’s online business registration website.

A tax registration at the General Department of Taxation (GDT) shall follow thereafter within 15 working days to avoid a late-tax-payment penalty. After an applicable period of time, you will receive a VAT Certificate, Patent Certificate (to be renewed annually), and Company Identity Card. A VAT Identity Number (VATIN), the most important information for future tax declaration, is written in VAT Certificate.

Having received all documents from MoC and GDT, you can now apply for company and product registration at the Ministry of Health (MoH). Registering a company in MoH is to validate your company’s information to be eligible for importing cosmetics and products. Registering a product is meant to certify that your product quality complies with health standard.

Please consult with us for more details on how to import cosmetics and food products to Cambodia.