Patent/VATIN Certificate Request

One of CAMBIZIAN’s most on-demand service is the registration of Patent and VAT Certificates at the General Department of Taxation (GDT), given our competitive service fee, timeliness, and quality, compared to other business service providers.

The process starts like the following: after getting your company license registered at the Ministry of Commerce, it is a government’s requirement that, within 15 business days, you have to submit all documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Business Extract, and Articles of Incorporation) along with more supporting papers to GDT. In the case of late submission, there will be a fine of 2,000,000 Riels (equivalent to USD500) for the company.

Through this process, the government will grant and delivery directly to your office the following documents:

  • Value Added Tax Certificate (VAT Certificate),
  • Patent Tax Certificate,
  • Entity Identity Card,
  • Tax Payment Notification Letter (to inform business owners about the starting date of monthly tax payment), and
  • Authentication on Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Incorporation

VAT Certificate is a life-time document without any renewal period, as long as your company continue to operate. Likewise, Entity Identity Card is a company’s life-time document which shall be changed only if either the company’s address or registered name is changed. Patent Tax Certificate, on the other hand, shall be renewed annually.