Request for Tour Operator License

CAMBIZIAN Team has years of experiences to help Cambodian and foreign businesses acquire Tourism License from the Ministry of Tourism. We are competent and confident that our clients will acquire any forms of Tourism Licenses through our consultation services.

Here are four different licenses for companies working in the tourism industry: Inbound Tour Operator, Outbound Tour Operator, Travel Agent, and Domestic Tourism Company. Each of them not only owns unique legal personalities but also has different document requirements, processing fees, and application procedures.

We would love to invite you, the businessperson and investors, to stop by our office and find out ways and solutions to realize your dream of setting up a company operating in tourism industry with a proper license.

You may call us at 087 695 936 / 093 662 888 / 096 903 2495 / 070 268 276 (ខ្មែរ / English / 中柬) or Stop-by our office at Diamond Twin Tower, Koh Pich, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Sample of Inbound Tourism License of a Chinese Company, using our consultation services, guiding tourists from China to Cambodia.