Get Your Company’s Logo Registered by CAMBIZIAN!

Not only your tangible properties but also intangible properties have to be commercially protected no matter where you do your business.

Despite some expectation that companies cannot protect their properties in the Least Developed Countries, investors can protect them in Cambodia under the Kingdom’s law and regulation and the international treaties, given that Cambodia has adopted a number of laws and regulation before and during the accession to the World Trade Organization and that they come into effects several years ago. Cambodia is also member to some international treaties (e.g. WIPO).

In many countries, you will have to consult with the IP lawyers/attorney at law  in order to register and get your Intellectual Properties protected. Unfortunately, Cambodia does not have such specialists in IP sectors. That is, you will have to consult with consulting companies or law firms so that they can help you do the jobs. Only these two agencies are knowledgeable and competent to provide you with appropriate resources and legal advice, all of which are demanded to move on your business.

CAMBIZIAN Consultant is your ideal option to consult in term of IP registration. We have qualified and well-known specialists to join the team, and we do have strong relationship with the officers working directly with the government’s IP department where the approvals are made. They are the most reliable human resource who would consult with you as per request whenever you need them.


Consultancy Fee at CAMBIZIAN:

CAMBIZIAN provides free-of-charge consultancy services to our customers. However, customers are requested to deposit a minimal amount of fee for administrative process, and this amount of fee will be returned upon service consumption.


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