How does the startup look like in Cambodia?

Doing business in different countries requires understanding cultures of each and every country. Culture is not only about the culture of live and the tradition but also the culture of doing business.

Cambodia, categorized by World Bank as one of the world Olympian-growth country, has been remarkably stepping up from the LDC to the lower-middle income country status with middle-class population robustly expanding. Along with this expansion, Small and Medium businesses (SMEs) seem to be the most profitable startup among all. Running a restaurant, setting up a tour company, landing up a service providing company, incorporating a business consulting company, and the like are all possible for entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, not each and every type of business, at least most of it, would make money. Businesses which fit with the middle class would do.

Indifferent from startups in other countries, setting up a new business in Cambodia requires companies to follow some specific procedures and preliminary costs. From the beginning, companies are required to incorporate their businesses in the Ministry of Commerce, Tax Office, and occasionally the requesting for licenses from other related Ministries. These procedures costs roughly between USD1,500 to USD2,500, a minimal amount which does not effect investors’ capital.

If investors feel unfamiliar with the business environment in Cambodia, the best way  is to talk with some business consultancy and lawyers like CAMBIZIAN Co., Ltd. who provides business-related consultancy services. With CAMBIZIAN Co., Ltd., we will provide the most cutting-edge information and concepts so as to acquaint clients with the new startup context and to make sure that their business is successful.

Startup will never be difficult if you start talking to the right person at the right time, and here we, CAMBIZIAN Co., Ltd., should be the only best choice.


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