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Most of our employees graduated from the most prestigious universities, ranking from Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Columbia University, Seoul National University, Tokyo University, Peiking University, and National University of Singapore. They have been working in their own fields for years, consulting business of all levels: from small and medium business to MNCs.


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Cambizian Consulting

CAMBIZIAN is an experienced consulting company, established in 2013 under the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia, to help facilitate both domestic and foreign investors in Cambodia in legal affairs. If you have difficulties in your business startups, cannot make the best for your business, or need someone to talk with to move ahead toward a successful investment, CAMBIZIAN is your only choice. CAMBIZIAN provides you with experienced and excellent services at reasonable fees and comfortable discussion environment. We provide the most cutting-edge information, business and legal concepts, friendly discussion about problems in your business, and the most timely response to your issues. CAMBIZIAN's stakeholders, from the CEO to the bottom-line staff, are all friendly, easy to talk with, reliable, truth-worthy, and welcoming. We are waiting to seeing your presence at our office.

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